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Farrow and Ball - Estate Emulsion Paint


Farrow and Ball Paint

Farrow and Ball one of the last remaining traditional paint and wallpaper manufacturers in Britain.

They only use the finest ingredients and still manufacture paint to original formulations. Farrow & Ball prefer the most difficult route of using only the best raw materials available which has resulted in unsurpassed levels of flatness and depth of colour in our classes of Estate® Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Casein Distemper, Estate Eggshell, Dead Flat.

Estate Emulsion

Available in 100ml, 2.5 & 5 litres in all colours. Coverage is up to 70 sq. m per coat per 5 litres. An early, highly pigmented formulation with greater breathability giving a matt, softer finish with more depth of colour than other emulsions.