Interior Design Inspiration » How To Choose The Right Designer Paint Colour

Did you know that 60% of the response we feel when we walk into a room is based around the colour?

An often used term for this is colour Phycology. It's a subtle thing though, not something that screams at us as we enter an unfamiliar room but something deep in our psyche that gives us a good feeling or not such a good one.

If you're not so sure about how to select the designer paint colour that's just right for your room (maybe you're thinking of re-designing your living space or dining area) start small. Perhaps a utility room or bathroom.

Sample Pots

A sample pot or two is a really good way of testing your ideas out before you splash a shed load of colour all over your prepared walls.

Are Designer Paints Worth It?

Well we are a little biased but yes they really are.

Farrow & Ball now sells more paint in a week than it did in a year during the early days of its long-standing National Trust partnership. We offer an extensive range of Farrow and Ball designer paints and when we say extensive we really do mean it! Take a browse through our site and check out the many colours on offer.

The Difference Is Clear

Cheap paint has more water in it, less pigment and less binder. So it really is a fact that the more expensive paint covers better and lasts longer. It's a false economy to buy cheap as far as choosing paint is concerned and not only that the fantastic range of colours simply isn't there with the cheaper brands.